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Pastel Generation

Welcome to the generation where color, patterns, and style meets no gender.

Where after years of censorship, where there are labels and stereotypes created and involving and controlling our minds, the time has come when change is NOW.

Great haute couture creators have taken the step towards that very thing: the CHANGE.
Breaking the rules and stereotypes in terms of colors, patterns and seams has become an imperative order for those who dare to make a difference and take risks in being and creating their own SELF.

Pastels, florals, transparent are some of the starters for this social upgrade. This whole initiative spills over into clothes, hair, make-up and accessories.

A careful man is an imposing man. He is a man who transmits security and power.
It will be impossible to separate all this from a careful and trendy exterior.

As a commitment to reach a new level of fashion, we have the trend of “no gender” as the main initiative for this new man to break the taboos imposed for years in our society.

In a society where we increasingly have access to new trends and with the advancement of technology, we have and can use a new look to obtain a “stand-out” as a key step.

In terms of hair trends, we have the continuation of pastel tones combined with bold and imposing cuts.
The combination of all these factors of global influence in the world of fashion will be the perfect combination for us to give a upgrade our personal style and, in this way, manage to give the final touch to a mega trendy and current look.