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Age is a matter of attitude!

Cruella de DeVille

“DeVille's Cruella is one of the most iconic and memorable characters in the fantastic universe, just like Ermelinda who, in all her 92 years, has left no one indifferent to her contagious joy and her vanity that nothing and no one can knock down. She antagonizes one of the world's most powerful villains by drawing on, not cruelty, but the immense strength of believing and making others smile."



“Our Rui has Punk in his heart and the constant daring to live it intensely.”


Lady in Red

“Our Life is our Lady in Red that transforms whenever it gives way to freedom.”


“João Fernando is our Godfather. His culture, intelligence and love lead us to follow him loyally wherever he goes.”


“Celeste doesn't let anything disturb her sweet and delicate manner and, like a true DIVA, she leaves her mark with her ever-ready smile.”

Audrey Hepburn

“Our Alice makes her kindness the main feature of her elegance and her attitude our inspiration.”