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Alex Vasconcelos

When Alex introduces himself, he always mentions the word "dream". "I'm Alex and I'm a professional dreamer" This is simply how Alex explains his Vision, a Vision that made him one of the "10 Greatest Revolutionary Hairdressers in Portugal", according to Vogue Magazine.

He started his career as a certified hairstylist in 1995. He started working at a local barbershop and 4 years later he opened his first salon. There he perfected his skills and traveled to different countries to learn "hair design" in different schools such as Vidal Sassoon, Tigi, Longueras, Rizos, Pivot Point. In 2002 and at just 23 years old, he was invited by American Crew to join the team as "All Star Educator". For 6 years, he worked hard, teaching the principles of "men design" and creating collections to present at international fairs and shows.

Alex has a restless and provocative mind that is born of a constant curiosity and search for understanding of how the world around him moves. This state of mind led him to reinvent the hairdressing salon concept! Together with his sister, Ana, they opened Hairtz, a multidisciplinary space designed to create energetic dynamics between people, art and the city's culture.

The opening of the space coincided with the presentation of the hairshow “Are you ready to smash your limits” in Lisbon at Redken's GI09 international event and the standing ovation from over 900 professionals is considered by Alex to be one of the most poetic moments of his career! The show was later re-created in Aveiro at an event that had over 1500 people and was featured on Fashion TV Internacional for a year!

In 2008, Alex was invited to be part of the Redken Artists Team and one of the biggest schools in the hairdressing industry today. In 2015, he completed the highest certification (level iv) Platform Artist, at the Exchange Academy in New York, later repeating the presentation in Portugal of his “Nogravity” collection. In addition to training in the areas of Creative Design (Cutting), Communication Techniques, his work began to include team coaching with the “Train the Trainer” course and creative direction for Redken shows and collections.

His creative drive and magical storytelling ability make Alex an inspiring speaker and an exceptional creator of artistic concepts. Creating a fusion between new artistic concepts and the world of hairdressing is a challenge that Alex embraces with all his passion.

If Creativity is one of Alex's greatest passions, the other is People and Teams, motivated to never stop changing and evolving. In 2018, he decided to become an international coach, because he felt the lack of more powerful tools to enhance what is his mission in life: interacting in people's world and inspiring them to always be the best version of themselves!

Today his obsession is Creativity through Collaborative Innovation because he believes that a team is always stronger than a single person! to develop in the hairdressing industry, one of the greatest and most necessary skills for the success of a hairstylist and of any professional in today's world - Criativity

If Alex were to describe his life purpose it would be “Always energized to make a real difference !


Master Stylist & Creative Director