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Ana Vasconcelos

Master Stylist, Art Director and Executive Director of Hairtz, Ana takes on multiple roles within Hairtz brand.

Master Stylist, Art Director e Directora Executiva do Espaço Hairtz, Ana assume vários papeis dentro da Marca Hairtz.

At only 15 years old, she started her career at a barbershop and quickly realised that being an hairdresser was her passion and her purpose. After 4 years on the field, she challenged her brother Alex Vasconcelos to give it a try and just like that, a professional connection was born, a plus to add to the excellent relationship they already had between brothers at the time.

Together with her brother Alex, they opened Hairtz, a multidisciplinay space, designed to create energetic dynamics between people, the art and city's culture.

The opening of the space coincided with the presentation of the hairshow "Are you ready to smash your limits?" in Lisbon, at the Redken's international event GI09 and this whole experience turned out to be one of the highest career moments of Ana! This show was later re-created in Aveiro at an event that had over 1500 people and was featured on Fashion TV International for a year!

This passion for creating and the attration for sharing led Ana to win the "Jovem Criador" awards for 2 years in a row, with her brother Alex and their Hairtz team.

The accuracy from the English School and the asymmetries of the creators, combined with the irreverence from the Spanish School are the main characteristics that make Ana a complete and versatile professional with an remarkable demand. Sasson Academy, Llongueras, Rizos, American Crew, Belver, Pivot Point are only a few of the schools she attended, but it was at Redken where she discovered the energy and motivation to be a trainer. For over 10 years, she took part of countless events, shows and international courses, that challenged her to amplify her creative DNA.

Ambitious for challenges, Ana knows that passion leads to action. Her dynamics, proactivity and high demand level are a key contribution for Hairtz brand and her so famous laugh is one of her personal signatures that she brings to the Hairtz environment every single day.

If Ana described her purpose in life, it would be what every human being seeks "To be happy in each day of my life".


Master Stylist & Art Director