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The Beginning ...

This is not the typical story of hairdressers' children following in their parents' footsteps. This is the story of two siblings, who have always lived without prejudice towards people and professions... and that's how they unintentionally discovered their passion for the world of hairdressing. First Ana and then Alex, by Ana's invitation, because they have been inseparable since their teenage years. What sets them apart today was already evident back then - Alex, with just three months of experience, challenged Ana to open a salon that was outside the box! And at the young age of 22, they decided to open their first salon, initially named Estilus. Success wasn't immediate, but it came much faster than they had imagined.


Are you ready to smash your limits ?

In just five years of existence, but with dozens of trainings in the best academies across several European capitals, they created their first HIdentity collection for the launch of their new name, HAIRTZ. It was a surprising event that brought together different artistic fields, from music and theater to video and dance, and introduced the Hairtz brand to national recognition. The creativity rooted in their DNA was strongly influenced by English culture and education, where asymmetry and creative colouring are a strong signature. After winning the national Young Hairdresser award for two consecutive years, they began creating collections for top international brands, with shows in Portugal, Spain and Mexico.


Dare to Create

In 2009, the new and current space was born, along with the slogan "Are you ready to smash your limits?", which would reflect Hairtz's journey. Alex and Ana Vasconcelos became artistic references for their disruptive vision and participation in the best stages and events in the hairdressing industry. In 2009, they created an innovative and inspiring event for Redken GI09, one of the most groundbreaking events in the history of hairdressing, where over 900 professionals gave a standing ovation to the Hairtz team. One of the leading international brands, Redken, challenged Alex and Ana to become Redken Artists and the match proved to be perfect. Redken was looking for an artistic identity that aligned with their team, education, and the values of the indie brand. The artistic identity of the siblings reached new training stages, particularly in New York, and they gained new mentors, which highlighted the growth of their technical and artistic qualities through the fusion of different concepts. For over a decade, Alex and Ana Vasconcelos created collections, trainings and events for the hairdressing industry, blending ingredients from Hairtz culture with the energy of the Redken brand. Later on, Alex faced one of the greatest challenges of his career: assuming the creative direction of Redken events in Portugal, leading a team of immensely talented individuals from several parts of the country.


Beleza Consciente

Today, Hairtz is a project with the same creative DNA, but increasingly focused on social and environmental changes, as well as the active role we want to play for a Better World. We believe that sustainability starts with people and, as a brand, we aspire to be a positive energy that inspires individuals to embrace their true identity and become more conscious of the choices they make for their own lives and the world around us!


We Live with PURPOSE,
We do it with PASSION and
We do it for the PEOPLE